La Red Kat (previously called Cafe Red) is a social enterprise restaurant and cultural center in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala seeking to address the root causes of migration and the difficulties of return migrant reintegration.

About Us

LA RED KAT. Centro Culturalla is a social entrepreneurship venture, seeking to address the difficulty of return migrant reintegration; supporting the local economy by buying and marketing local furniture, food and fair trade crafts; providing a space for people to trade their experience with local economic experts; and working to build and strengthen a local sustainable economy. We are Guatemalans and Mayans using our experiences and network to create a sustainable Guatemala--a Guatemala where youth establish their dream in Guatemala.

Our Work

We have established many successful initiatives like our Fair Trade Store, Local Co-op Restaurant, Popular Education programs, Cooking for The Guatemalan Dream as well as hosting several delegations from around the world to volunteer and learn our story. We are a fusion of art, critical thinking and action for change in our spirit and our community.

Contact Us

8 Avenida 5-19 Zona 1
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


Please Email us if you have an interest in volunteering, bringing a group, or host a conference with us.